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  • Capezio DS01 White Dance Sneaker
    Capezio DS01 dansneakers WHITE  featurers a split sole for added flexibility with a leather upper which is very light weight and a durable polyurethane sole. The DS01 has excellent shock absorption and comes with a box toe and removable EVA sole. For even more added comfort, they have a padded ..
    50.00€ 75.00€
  • Sansha Boomerang sneakers
    Sansha Boomerang sneakers with Leather upper. The Energetic Hi-top. - High-side sole and heel. ..
    40.00€ 50.00€
  • Capezio Glissé Pointe Shoes (Wide)
      Capezio Glissà© Pointe Shoes (Wide). ..
    35.00€ 55.00€
  • Happy Dancing Butterfly sandals
    Happy Dancing danceing sandals with T-strap for a best stability, buffalo sole suitable for both dancing Tango  and latin dances. Butterfly shaped crossed front straps in two-tone made with suede ,slim heel height 90mm. ..
    50.00€ 75.00€
  • Happy Dancing Sophia rhinestoned
    Happy Dancing dance shoe model Sophia satin with rhinestone buckles and strap. Handcrafted in Italy. ODETTE shoe bag for free. ..
    40.00€ 70.00€
  • Lat 99 ARG
    Lat 99 ARG ..
    40.00€ 75.00€
  • Lidmag crossed strass GLITTER
    35.00€ 45.00€
  • Lidmag Lace ballroom Sandal
    Lidmag Lace ballroom Sandal ..
    80.00€ 100.00€
  • LIDMAG satin open toe sandal
    OpenToe ballroom sandals LIDMAG , made ​​of soft satin tan color, flowing strap behind the heel, suede sole standard, equipped with 3 antishock padding.Straps that surrounds the toes of the feet, without creating pain keeping the foot stable.Hell high: 7cm-70mm ..
    70.00€ 90.00€
  • LIDMAG silver and glitter sandals
    Ballroom sandals by  LIDMAG made with glitter fabric and silver leather .Crossed straps ,connected on the heel.Perfect fit, stability and comfort that contains your toes without creating hassles during dancing.Nanced black-silver heel height 90 mm ​​- 9 cm.Perfect for  salsa, tango and..
    80.00€ 100.00€
  • Merlet leather ballet shoes Eclat
    This extremely comfortable ballet slipper is made of strong, very flexible leather and lined with cotton. The main features of this superb ballet slipper are its cut, full sole and entirely sewn-in overcast stitch, with a perfectly flat inside. ..
    9.00€ 18.00€
  • Pointe Shoes Grishko Vaganova
    This Releve model pointe shoe features a deep, V-shaped vamp and tapered box . The Vaganova provides termendous support to the metarsal and is an ideal shoe for a dancer with narrow feet or heels, and with high flexible arches. Thanks to a narrow box and small platform, the shoe makes the foot visua..
    35.00€ 51.00€
  • Pointe Shoes Porselli
    Pointe shoes Porselli normal model with lightweight solefor beginners.Handcrafted  in Italy ..
    30.00€ 50.00€
  • Pointe Shoes Porselli Gala
    Pointe shoes in satin Porselli model "Gala", flat tip, wide fit, narrow heel and sole reinforced in the middle. Pointe Shoes Bag ODETTE for free. ..
    25.00€ 50.00€
  • Pointe Shoes Porselli W
    Pointe shoes Porselli normal model but with wide width  ,lightweight sole for beginners.Handcrafted  in Italy   ..
    25.00€ 50.00€
  • Portdance PD100 sandal
    Sandalo da ballo PortDance in raso color nudo e fondo in morbido camoscio in OFFERTA modello PD100 cn tacco 90 mm  ..
    50.00€ 110.00€
  • Sansha  Flamenco Dance Shoes "Sevilla"
    Original Flamenco Shoe with Nails. Elasticated buckle strap closure. Suede upper.content: leather/suede upper, leather sole, with nails & rubber grip pad ..
    40.00€ 55.00€
  • Sansha  Flamenco Leather Shoes "Sevilla"
    Sansha Flamenco shoes Sevilla in leather Leather upper and Leather sole Ballet & Dance Buckle closure   ..
    40.00€ 55.00€
  • Sansha Carrousel Girls lace-up jazz shoes
    Sansha Js16 Carrousel Full sole Leather upper Suede full sole ..
    20.00€ 33.00€
  • So Dança leather stretch Ballet shoes
    Leather slip sole stretch ballet shoes from So Dança, in soft super stretch leather, it fits like a glove. Elasticised fabric contours the arches and toes of your feet. Split suede sole, and elastic top line to avoid lumps from drawstrings. • Stretch leather upper • Split suede sole • Flat elastic t..
    15.00€ 25.00€
  • So Dança Natasha  Pointe Shoes
    Pointe Shoes So Dança Natasha a most popular pointe shoe with 3/4 shank, satin upper and leather sole.Incluted in the box: ribbons,mesh elastics and suede covers. SIZING CHART So Dança - POINTE SHOES 35 35,5 36 36,5 37 37,5 38 38,5 39 39,5 40..
    35.00€ 42.00€
  • Suede Flamenco Shoe Gladis
    A suede court shoe style flamenco shoe with 2" heel and suede strap with gold buckle. Nailed toe and heel. ..
    45.00€ 75.00€