Ballet Foot Stretch

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  • Ballet FootStretch
    ... to stretch the feet and legs. No more complicated and tedious rituals! No more asking your friend to have the patience to help you give that foot an extra push! BALLET FOOT STRETCH is a unique tool that will help you gain not only more flexible feet but will also help you to improve the overall ..
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    Dynamo, the latest development in Ballet FootStretchTM technology, the new revolutionary device, for you to perform your footstretching exercises. Its innovative design allows you to stretch your foot in the most dynamic and correct way in a greater variety of leg positions and movements. You can us..
  • Footlastic Foot Stretch
    Footlastic is the unique elastic support that maximizes efficiency in the process of footstretching, in its safest form. Very easy and quick to insert and to remove your foot, saving you time to gain a better rhythm during your training. This product includes: 2 Footlastics: 1 Soft + 1 Strong ..