FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • Do you have a shop?
ODETTE ® has three shops in Italy for more info click here
  • How do I choose the right product,if  I can not try it?In each product  tab you will find the product table sizes.
  • Can I try the item that I'm buying?
Once you have purchased the product, you can try it, it is important not to remove any tags and make sure that the packaging is not copromised, remember to open the bag or box of the product  where there are no seals .Exclusion of tights and  underwear they CAN'T BE CHANGED OR RETURNED for igyene reasons.
  • Can I try the shoes that I bought?

Shoes can be worn for testing, but it is important that the sole is kept clean and  remains intact and that there are no stainsi.

  • What are the payment options?

Payment can be made by credit card or by Paypal

  • Cost of shipping, transportation is included?

Prices of our products are VAT incluted shipping cost is not included and has a fixed cost of € 30.00 

  • Is there a minimum order? There is no minimum order, you can purchase a single product from the minimum value.
  • The articles are all available? Most of the products present in our webshop is available throughout except for those where they are indicated differences in delivery times.
  • Do you have catalogs?
Considering the wide range of products and the continuing reach of new products, we do not have catalogs.
  • By registering my data is safe?

The information given at the time of registration, will NEVER be transferred to other databases and / or other third parties, will be used only to send the products required and create the area reserved for each client.