Pointe shoes BLOCH European Balance

Pointe shoes BLOCH European Balance


The European Balance pointe shoe is made on a curved last which closely mimics the natural contours of the foot. This allows the shank/insole to have close contact with the instep. The wide platform encourages balanced weight distribution and can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals. The diagonal side seams reduce satin creasing. This shoe's low profile and open throat line together with the elastic drawstring create a streamlined, snug fit. Ribbons sold separately Diagonal side seam - Reduces creasing Elastic drawstring - Improved fit of the upper Deep and wide platform - Gives increased stability and lateral support Flexible shank at arch - Emphasises the arch of the foot 'en pointe' Heel cushion - Cups the heel and holds the shape Thin outsole - Creates maximum stability Comfortable and flat last - Improves weight distribution Standard 'A' paste - Has resilience and is less affected by climatic conditions such as heat and humidity

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