Capezio Kylee pointe shoes 1140W

Capezio Kylee pointe shoes 1140W


Pointe shoes Capezio Kylee BENEFITS Feathered full wing-box for lateral support. High and wide platform. Flex point on shank’s tongue allows for greater flexibility at the ball of the foot. Light weight shank provides maximum flexibility to the arch. Shank lined with dyed pink suede sock lining. Scored ribbon motif on outsole aids with traction. BEST FIT Medium to wide forefoot with tapered toes. Refer to page 6 for further fit details.  KEY CHARACTERISTICS New last offers a moderate internal toe shape created on an arched last. Low crown with narrowed and enhanced heel curve. #1 leather board shank contains a half-skived orange board tongue with flex point at the ball of the foot. FEATURES Moderate vamp. Slight “U” shape throat with standard side and heel measurements. Three-quarter box. Regular side seam. Satin binding with cotton drawstring. Plush, rose-coloured, anti-slip interior lining. Traditional “turned construction.”

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