Ballet FootStretch

Ballet FootStretch


... to stretch the feet and legs. No more complicated and tedious rituals! No more asking your friend to have the patience to help you give that foot an extra push! BALLET FOOT STRETCH is a unique tool that will help you gain not only more flexible feet but will also help you to improve the overall strength and line of the legs, from the toes to the hips. Really works! Helps the dancer to feel the maximum stretch of the knees, thighs and feet, with the accompanying turn-out from the hip. BALLET FOOT STRETCH really works! As it lengthens, it strengthens, working on the superior part of the foot, at the same time giving you an extra "heel forward" support (cou de pied) as you stretch. Plus... …an alternative way to stretch the foot with the heel slightly forward to develop the "en dehors". Due to its special design, the bones of the feet, especially on the heel (astragalus-calcaneus) are protected and not put to unnecessary pressure and stress, which may happen when dancers desperately push their arches, with other procedures, more than the limit and eventually causing pain or inflammation of ligaments and the Achilles tendon. BALLET FOOT STRETCH, tested by dance professionals, and already introduced in official dance institutions, offers to the next generation of dancers, a unique tool, uncomplicated, safe, durable, and portable, a perfect complement to a dancer's formation and training.

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