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  •  Bunheads Pro Pad
    The Pro Pad is designed with no gel under the foot so the dancer has only thin fabric under the toes. A layer of gel inside a fabric covered pouch cushions the tops and the tips of the toes. Deep cut vamp matches the line of the pointe shoe. Sleek shape hugs the foot and keeps pads from sliding or b..
  •  Bunheads® The Big Tip
    Pack of 2 elasticized seamless big toe socks lined with gel to alleviate pressure. Can be cut to size and hand washed in mild detergent. ..
  •  Dancers’ Dots Gaynoe Minden
    Dance in comfort! Cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation, help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure on sensitive areas. Made from amazing hydrogel (just mix water with a polymer and zap it in an electron beam accelerator!), Dancers’ Dots are almost entirely water but durable enough..
  • ActivaRoll for massages
    ActivaRoll is a cylinder shaped roll. It is inflatable with dimension 15cm x 12cm. It is soft with dimples intended for increased sensitivity for users. It is also ideal for foot massage. Active roll application may include using it as a lumbar roll back support when you are seated. It can massage a..
  • Balance board for dancers
    Recommended by Physiotherapists. The wobble board should be used to strengthen ankles to prevent injuries. Excellent preparation for dancer's on Pointe. ..
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  • Ballet FootStretch
    ... to stretch the feet and legs. No more complicated and tedious rituals! No more asking your friend to have the patience to help you give that foot an extra push! BALLET FOOT STRETCH is a unique tool that will help you gain not only more flexible feet but will also help you to improve the overall ..
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  • Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard
    Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard for dance Great for young dancers who are not yet fully confident in their abilities The TurnBoard makes turning less challenging and more accessible It helps young dancers master their pirouettes by letting them complete rotations, freeing them to focus on their body weight,..
  • Ballet Shoes Bag Petit Ballet
    Ballet Shoes Bag Petit Ballet ..
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  • Ballet Shoes Elastic
    Half inch wide high quality ballet shoe elastic for keeping the dance shoes in place. Lenght: 1,10 m ..
  • Ballet shoes elastici wide
    Wide high quality ballet shoe elastic SO Dança for keeping the dance shoes in place. Lenght: 1,10 m wide 1.60 cm ..
  • Ballet Socks
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  • Bloch Elastorib Pointe Ballet Shoe Ribbon
    Many female dancers develop Achilles' Tendonitis due to the nature of pointe work. Too often, ribbons that are tied too tightly restrict the ankles and create excessive pressure on the Achilles' tendon. BLOCH ELASTORIB  are designed to help alleviate the pressure that causes this irritation. Th..
  • Bloch portable organiser
    Use Bloch's portable organiser to keep your shoes and necessities tidy! Features 4 zippered pockets Branded elasticized strap for easy packing Attached hook for easy hanging Fabric 100% Nylon ..
  • BLOCH Professional spray resin
    Non Slip Professional Resin in an easy spray adds friction between the shoe and the floor increasing the grip of the feet. Provides excellent tack.How To Use: Features To reduce slipping, spray the resin to the soles of your shoe and the tip of your pointe shoe to increase traction against the floor..
  • Brush for sole
    Brush for the soles of your shoes useful to clean the ballroom shoes ander the sole and also to make your pointe shoes soles anti-slip. ..
  • Bunheads Bunion Guard
    Bunion and toe spreader in one Eases bunion pain and provides proper toe alignment Reduces pressure on MP joint Providers protection between toe and shoe 100% Mineral Oil Gel 2 per package ..
  • Bunheads Exercise Band
    These latex resistance bands from Bunheads are used by dancers of all levels to target specific areas of the body that need strengthening. Also great for young dancers to use in preparation for pointe work and for injury recovery exercises. The Super Heavy Weight band is great for male dancers too..
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  • Bunheads Gel Metatarsal Pads
    Thin pads slip into any style of dance shoe to give metatarsal cushioning Patterned gel creates a surface that grips the shoe without adhesive Pads can switch easily between shoes Anti-microbial top cover absorbs and reduces odor Trim to size for a perfect fit Hand wash with mild detergent Allow ..
  • Bunheads pinky pad
    Conical pad can be worn on any of the small toes. Helps provide relief from corns or blisters. 6 per package. Content: 100% Polymer Gel ..
  • Bunheads Space Pack
    Bunheads Gel spacers aid in the treatment and prevention of bunions. Place between any two toes to help prevent nails from cutting into adjacent toes. Can be comfortably worn with all types of shoes. Each package contains 2 Spacers™ and 2 Spacemakers™. Product Features: 100% Gel One size Place betwe..
  • Bunheads Sticky Strips
    Sticky StripsTM Versatile double-sided tape strips hold leotards and other dance accessories in place. Adhesive. 36 per package. ..
  • Bunheads Stitch Kit
    The Stitch Kit is a must for every dancer's bag! Contains: • 75 yards of super-strong, bonded nylon thread • Two large-eye needles for easy threading • Detailed sewing instructions for first-time pointe shoe sewers. The accompanying pictures help the user to visualize the proper preparation and p..
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  • Bunheads toe tape
    Bunheads toe tape Reduces friction and prevents chafing that causes blisters. 60 yards per roll. 1 per package. ..
  • Bunheads® ClearStretch Tips
    Bunheads® ClearStretch Tips Cushions and relieves corns, calluses, nails, hammer toes and other problem spots Provides a durable shield for sensitive toes Less bulky and more user friendly inside toe pads Unique comfort vent makes them less "sweaty" than other gel toe caps Hand wash ..
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  • Bunheads® Footsie Roller
    Revive tired, aching feet with this easy-to-use massager by Bunheads. Simply place the wooden roller under foot, roll back and forth from heel to toes with steady pressure, and relax as it gently stimulates circulation—naturally soothing and rejuvenating sore feet. ..
  • Bunheads® Jelli Toes
    Pack of 2 elasticized, seamless toe tubes half lined with gel to alleviate pressure. The 3" tube can be cut to size and hand washed in mild detergent. ..
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  • Capezio Foot Undeez
    Capezio's FootUndeez provide protection and security where it's needed most. FootUndeez are designed to be barely there while providing support, they are perfect for modern, lyrical, ballet and pilates. Wear them inside your dance shoes for added protection, cushion and comfort. ..
  • Capezio Pointe Shoe Bag
    Keeps your pointe shoes and accessories safely in one place. Sleek and stylish, this soft ventilated bag protects your shoes while keeping them dry. You can also use it for hair accessories, tights, socks, or keeping track of all those tiny lyrical shoes. Soft fabric is non-abrasive and washable. Ny..
  • Color ed ribbons for pointe shoes
    Colored ribbons for pointe shoes made of satin avaible  pre-cutted of lenght 2,20m ..
  • Cotton ribbon for pointe shoes
    Double faced cotton ribbon for pointe shoes,lenght 2,20m   ..
  • Crochet Cotton
    Crochet cotton used for darning to the platform of your pointe shoes for extra shock absorbption, or to sew your ribbons and elastics . Lenght 155 m ..
  • Crushed Rock Rosin
    Crushed Rock Rosin  by Coppelia For Pointes in plastic container with safety screw-on top. Contains 500gr ..
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  • Double faced ribbons fot pointe shoes
    Double faced ribbons for pointe shoes one side made of satin and another side made of cotton anti-slip.Lenght 2,20 m ..
    Dynamo, the latest development in Ballet FootStretchTM technology, the new revolutionary device, for you to perform your footstretching exercises. Its innovative design allows you to stretch your foot in the most dynamic and correct way in a greater variety of leg positions and movements. You can us..
  • Excercise Band Deuserband
    This classic physic-therapeutical training belt with strong pull is excellent to flex muscles, and to increase fitness, strength and flexibility. This belt is used by professional dancer's throughout the world primarily for increased leg flexibility. ..
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  • Flared Heel cover
    Heel protectors for flare shaped heels. ..
  • Foam rubber toe pads Capezio
    Foam rubber toe pads designed to protect your feet. Cushioning your toes with protective foam to prevent any harm or injury.    ..
  • Footlastic Foot Stretch
    Footlastic is the unique elastic support that maximizes efficiency in the process of footstretching, in its safest form. Very easy and quick to insert and to remove your foot, saving you time to gain a better rhythm during your training. This product includes: 2 Footlastics: 1 Soft + 1 Strong ..
  • Freed of London ribbon spool
    Freed European Pink 1" ribbon,antislip. Sold by the bolt. Size: 54 yards. ..
  • Gaynor Minden Big Toe kit
    Made from the athletic shoe industry’s most advanced materials, but shaped for a pointe shoe. Protects big toes and big toenails. Contains two each: cool blue ovals (protects tips and corners of big toes) mushroom cushions (protects sensitive big toe nails) ..
  • Gaynor Minden Dancers' Cushioned Insole
    The Solution. Fine-boned feet, delicate feet, narrow feet, shallow feet, and even ordinary feet struggling in between sizes — Rejoice! So many ttings are made so much better by the simple addition of Dancers’ Cushioned Insoles. (Try them in your street shoes, too.) Made from Poron® Performance Cushi..
  • Gaynor Minden Elastic
    The essential. Firm and long lasting 3/4″ elastic. Single bundles are long enough (15″) for one pair of shoes, and available in Pink, Cappuccino, and Espresso. Buy two if you criss-cross. Bolts are 72 yards, ..
  • Gaynor Minden Heel Grippers
    The extraordinarily useful Gaynor Minden Heel Gripper actually keeps your shoes on your heels. Its textured surface really holds your foot, while the peel-and-stick backing keeps gripper locked in place. And, by filling in the extra space around your heel, it makes the back of the shoe beautifully s..
  • Gaynor Minden second toe kit
    Gaynor Minden second toe kit: Second toe longer than the big toe? Solve a large problem with a small cushion. Contains two each: cool blue crescents (takes pressure off a longer second toe) cool blue ovals (adds length to a shorter big toe) ..
  • Gaynor Minden TLC Ribbons
    Your feet and ankles deserve some TLC: Tendon Loving Care. Pointe shoe ribbons must tie snuggly to look neat and professional en pointe, but standing flat they can chafe the Achilles tendon. Ouch and sometimes worse. Strategic insertion of elastic makes ribbons comfortable. Ours are super-tidy: ribb..
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  • Gaynor Minden Vamp elastic
    Gaynor Minden's ingeniously simple Vamp Elastic eliminates the curse of "going over too far" or "popping out"...the punishments, once, for those born with gorgeous arches. The delay and expense of a remedial special-order vamp is now unnecessary. Just stitch Vamp Elastic in the throat of your sho..
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  • Glam Bag Dance Gallery Carolyn
    Glam Bag Dance Gallery Dimensions closed: 15cm (h) x 27cm (w) x 7cm (width) Dimensions opened: 37cm (h) x 27cm (w) x 7cm (width) Details: inside pink mesh zippocket, personalised zipper, velcro fasteners ..
  • Grishko attachable arch  enhancer
    Grishko's unique way to visibly improve the natural look of the instep and makes its form more elegant! Size M fits most. Nude colour as seen in picture. Wash with soapy warm water after every use. ..
  • Grishko mesh elastic
    Grishko mesh elastic.Width: 25 mm, length: 1 meter ..
  • Half Toe Relevè Toesox
    Dance inspired Releve has a perfectly positioned leather pad that provides superior traction for turns and stops while cushioning the metatarsal head during lands and releves. See you on the dance floor! Half toe design lets toes touch surface for a more barefoot experience Five toe design allows to..
  • Heel cover flare 2
    Heel cover flare 2.Each package contains 2 pieces ..
  • Lycra Boot Covers
    Lycra Boot Covers. ..
  • Massage Ball reflex foot massager
      Sooth tired feet and sore muscles with Asian acupressure anywhere with the Massage Ball  reflex rubber massage ball! Customize the depth of your massage by simply applying pressure to problem areas, providing instant relief! each pack contais 2 pieces of 8 cm. ..
  • Mesh drawstring Sansha
    Mesh bag Sansha for pointe shoes and ballet shoes. ..
  • Microfibre toe pads
    Toe pads made of microfibre with flat seems,those pads abosorb the shok while on pointe. ..
  • ODETTE foam toe pads
    ODETTE foam toe apds, with boomerang shape for a perfect fit on all toes, flat seams to avoid hassless during the work en-pointe.Material: 100% foam ..
  • ODETTE pointe shoes bag
    ODETTE bag for keeping your  pointe shoes,with printed ballet shoes on the front.equipped with zip closure and handle .Size 29cm width x16cm high x9cm depth. ..
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  • ODETTE Stretch Pointe Shoe Ribbon
    ODETTE Stretch Pointe Shoe Ribbon ..
  • Peach Satin Pointe shoes ribbons
    Shiny satin pointe shoesribbons in peach color.Pre-cutted with lenght of 2,20 m ..
  • Pink mesh elastic
    Wide mesh pink elastic for pointe shoes.Lenght 1 m ..
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  • Pointe shoe cover So Dança
    Pointe shoe cover in stretch Microfiber. ..
  • Pointe shoe drying inserts Grishko
    Grishko pointe shoe drying inserts developed with Eco-friendly, non-toxic silica gel granules specially for pointe shoes. Having high adsorbing properties, these dryers keep pointe shoes away from moister and help to prolong their life. Recommended for using after each rehearsal to protect your..
  • Pointe Shoe Glue
    Ballerinas finally have a product that is specifically designed to repair, restore, and renew dead pointe shoes. This extremely strong yet light and flexible glue immediately repairs and hardens a weakened area of the shoe. Extend the life of your shoes and save money with Daniel's Pointe Shoe Gl..
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  • Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit
    Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit comes with everything dancers need to attach the NEW STRETCH RIBBON to a shoe • 2½ yards (229 cm) of 7/8” (2.2 cm) wide pointe shoe stretch ribbon • 20” (51 cm) of ¾â€ (1.9 cm) heel elastic • European Pink ribbon, elastic and thread • 2 needles • spool of extra strong thr..
  • Pointe shoes printer bag
    Pointe shoes printer bag ..
  • Pointe Shoes Ribbon Freed of London
    Freed of london ribbon for pointe shoes avaible in: 2.5 yards of Freed Pink nylon ribbon, 1 inch wide. Or in roll of 50 m. ..
  • Pro -arch
    The Pro-Arch is a device designed for the performance of exercises which increase the flexibility and strength of the ankle as well as the tarsal and metatarsal joints. The more flexible and strong you are, the less likely you are to get injured. To do this you must strictly follow the precauti..
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    Rainbow Lamb's Wool. Super soft, high quality colorfast and super soft top wool. Sterilized to remove impurities, 1 oz. Tube, 100% Wool. ..
  • Rouch nylon ribbon spool
    Ribbon for pointe shoes and ballet shoes from nylon rough.Spool of 25 metres.Also avaible pre-cutted. ..
  • Rough Nylon shoes ribbons
    Ribbon for pointe shoes and ballet shoes from nylon rough.Pre-cutted from 2.20m calculated for a pair of pointe shoes.Also avaible in spool ..
  • Sansha Flip-flops
    Flip-flops with butterflies printed and logo Sansha , perfect between classes and the other for the free time. PVG + RUBBER ..
  • Satin Ribbon for pointe shoes
    Satin pre-cutted ribbon for pointe shoes lenght 2,20m ..
  • SIlicone Toe pads ODETTE
    Silicone toe pads by ODETTE .Useful to absorbe the shock of pointe shoes..Color pale pink ..
  • Slim Heel Cover
    Slim Heel Cover for ballroom shoes.Each package contains one pair ..
  • Suede caps for pointe shows Grishko
    Glue the Pointe shoe caps made of beige suede to protect the toes. Natural leather. ..
  • Tan Dance Socks
    Tan Dance Socks can be worn with jazz, tap shoes or other dance shoes for extra cushioning and fit but also be used for contemporary dance shows and modern dance performances. ..
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  • Toe pads Pointe Comfort Eurotard
    CONTENT: Gel Pad DESCRIPTION: INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: To ensure maximum comfort the sides and edges of these pads are made as thin as possible. The longevity of the Pointe Comfort toe pads will coincide with how gently they are applied or removed. To prevent tearing the pads as you put them on, place ..
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  • Toe stabilizers Gaynor Minden
    Toe Stabilizers is there a Grand Canyon between your big and second toe? And is that second toe an extra-long over-achiever? Careful, that’s an attractive campsite for a non-hereditary bunion and its friends: hammertoes and soft corns. Toe Stabilizers can help. Ours are adjustable, customize both le..
  • Toe Wrap Gaynor Minden
      Save skin. Dishearten corns. And while you’re at it make bunions feel unwelcome. Our stretchy Microfoam toe tape protects and cushions, allows complete freedom of movement, and peels off with no sticky residue. So soft and light it’s almost fluffy...
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  • Totally Toes Fitting Kit
      TOTALLY TOES FITTING KIT Gaynor Minden's Totally Toes Fitting Kit makes you feel like you've been reborn with custom-made ballerina feet. A breakthrough (it's actually patented) in pointe shoe fit and comfort. No comparison to lamb's wool, bulky toe pads, make-up sponges, or a..
  • Trousse Mesh Dance Gallery Carlotta
    Dance Gallery trousse mesh style Carlotta Composition: Polyester Dimensions: 20cm (h) x 30cm (w) Details: Lined in light pink cotton, personalised zipper, 4 outside pockets, 2 in pink mesh ..
  • White large mesh elastic
    White mesh elastic or pointe shoes. ..
  • WRAPPER Body Wrappers
    WRAPPER Body Wrappers • Non-Slip • Latex & Neoprene Free • Dermatologist Approved • Wear Indefinitely • Comfortable • Lightweight • Breathable • Wicks Moisture • Velcro® Closure • Hand Washable Wrapper is adjustable, re-positionable, non-slip moisture wicking, lightweight and has a clear ve..
  • Bloch Girls Warmup Bootie
    The Children's Warm Up Bootie is a miniature version of the iconic bootie designed in collaboration with American Ballet Theater Principal Dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky. Worn by dancers worldwide, Warm Up Booties keep feet warm without the need to remove one's ballet shoes. Incasi..
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  • Bloch unisex warm-up bootie
    The iconic bootie was designed in collaboration with American Ballet Theater Principal Dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky. Worn by dancers worldwide, Warm Up Booties keep feet warm without the need to remove one's ballet shoes. Incasing feet in a softly padded, durable rip-stop nylon, ..
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