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  • ActivaRoll for massages
    ActivaRoll is a cylinder shaped roll. It is inflatable with dimension 15cm x 12cm. It is soft with dimples intended for increased sensitivity for users. It is also ideal for foot massage. Active roll application may include using it as a lumbar roll back support when you are seated. It can massage a..
  • Balance board for dancers
    Recommended by Physiotherapists. The wobble board should be used to strengthen ankles to prevent injuries. Excellent preparation for dancer's on Pointe. ..
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  • Ballet FootStretch
    ... to stretch the feet and legs. No more complicated and tedious rituals! No more asking your friend to have the patience to help you give that foot an extra push! BALLET FOOT STRETCH is a unique tool that will help you gain not only more flexible feet but will also help you to improve the overall ..
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  • Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard
    Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard for dance Great for young dancers who are not yet fully confident in their abilities The TurnBoard makes turning less challenging and more accessible It helps young dancers master their pirouettes by letting them complete rotations, freeing them to focus on their body weight,..
  • Bunheads Exercise Band
    These latex resistance bands from Bunheads are used by dancers of all levels to target specific areas of the body that need strengthening. Also great for young dancers to use in preparation for pointe work and for injury recovery exercises. The Super Heavy Weight band is great for male dancers too..
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  • Bunheads Sticky Strips
    Sticky StripsTM Versatile double-sided tape strips hold leotards and other dance accessories in place. Adhesive. 36 per package. ..
  • Bunheads® Footsie Roller
    Revive tired, aching feet with this easy-to-use massager by Bunheads. Simply place the wooden roller under foot, roll back and forth from heel to toes with steady pressure, and relax as it gently stimulates circulation—naturally soothing and rejuvenating sore feet. ..
  • Capezio Pointe Shoe Bag
    Keeps your pointe shoes and accessories safely in one place. Sleek and stylish, this soft ventilated bag protects your shoes while keeping them dry. You can also use it for hair accessories, tights, socks, or keeping track of all those tiny lyrical shoes. Soft fabric is non-abrasive and washable. Ny..
  • Chacott Dance Band
    Chacott elastic band Size: Width 4cm, Round length 180cm Material: Natural rubber, Rayon, etc *Exercise rubber band *Trains inner muscles *Leads body in the correct position *Assistant tool for stretch out ..
    Dynamo, the latest development in Ballet FootStretchTM technology, the new revolutionary device, for you to perform your footstretching exercises. Its innovative design allows you to stretch your foot in the most dynamic and correct way in a greater variety of leg positions and movements. You can us..
  • Excercise Band Deuserband
    This classic physic-therapeutical training belt with strong pull is excellent to flex muscles, and to increase fitness, strength and flexibility. This belt is used by professional dancer's throughout the world primarily for increased leg flexibility. ..
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  • Foam Roller
    The 3 dimensional surface mobilises tissue before exercise and aids recovery afterwards Variety of widths replicate the feeling of a massage therapists hands. Compact and travel friendly makes it ideal to take to the gym or office or store away at home. Aids movement and flexibility and helps preven..
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  • Footlastic Foot Stretch
    Footlastic is the unique elastic support that maximizes efficiency in the process of footstretching, in its safest form. Very easy and quick to insert and to remove your foot, saving you time to gain a better rhythm during your training. This product includes: 2 Footlastics: 1 Soft + 1 Strong ..
  • Gaynor Minden FLEXIBILITY BAND
    Gaynor Minden heavy duty resistance band designed especially for dancers. The continuous loop allows for hands-free stretching. Made with seamless wrapped technology for a smooth, comfortable surface. Generously sized so even the longest legs (we’re looking at you, gentlemen) can stretch too. Mate..
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  • Likeg sport towel
  • Likeg Sport Towel
    Likeg Sport Towel 100 x 50 cm ..
  • Massage Ball reflex foot massager
      Sooth tired feet and sore muscles with Asian acupressure anywhere with the Massage Ball  reflex rubber massage ball! Customize the depth of your massage by simply applying pressure to problem areas, providing instant relief! each pack contais 2 pieces of 8 cm. ..
  • PASTORELLI Resistance Band for strengthening exercise SENIOR
    Modular resistance band to strengthen specific muscles. It strengthens and loosens the muscles in a gentle way and without trauma. ..
  • PASTORELLI Resistance Band SENIOR
    Modular resistance band to strengthen specific muscles. It strengthens and loosens the muscles in a gentle way and without trauma. ..
  • Pointe Shoe Glue
    Ballerinas finally have a product that is specifically designed to repair, restore, and renew dead pointe shoes. This extremely strong yet light and flexible glue immediately repairs and hardens a weakened area of the shoe. Extend the life of your shoes and save money with Daniel's Pointe Shoe Gl..
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  • Portable Ballet Barre Pink
    Easily adjustable and transportable barre for home practice or private lessons. 138cms long, height adjusts from 74 to 94cms, weighs only 8.4kg. ..
  • Pro -arch
    The Pro-Arch is a device designed for the performance of exercises which increase the flexibility and strength of the ankle as well as the tarsal and metatarsal joints. The more flexible and strong you are, the less likely you are to get injured. To do this you must strictly follow the precauti..
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  • Rainbow Gymnastic Wand
    Rainbow Gymnastic Wand lenght 2 m. ..
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  • Satin gymnastic Ribbon with wand
    Satin Ribbon approximately 6 metres long x 2 inches wide with wand ..
  • Sculptor training tool
    Sculptor® is a perfect tool to sculpt your buttocks and inner thighs. Sculptor is like "The travel gym of only 30 cm" infallible for Kegel exercise program. It tones and sculpts the buttocks and inner thighs, as well as tone the muscles of the chest and arms. Tones 6 muscle groups with 11 light resi..
  • Stretching Band K.H. Martin
    Stretching Band K.H. Martin stretching bands Tone & condition all major muscle groups Can be used for strength training, stretching, rehabilitation, and increasing range of motion for both upper and lower extremities Pink color = Medium Green color = Strong Purple color = Extra-strong Coral colo..
  •  Bunheads Gel Knee Pads
    The first gel knee pads are designed specifically for dancers Bamboo knit fabric and contoured silicone knee pads provides comfortable support and protection without bulk Slips on and stays in place Won't roll in the back of the knee Nude fabric makes them less visible on stage Hand..
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  • Rucanor professional knee pads
    Knee pads from Rucanor, protect and support the knee whilst still allowing full movement. Offering full padding and protection for your knees throughout any dance performance. Materials 50% Textured polyester/50% polyester, restyled sponge padding with side protection and two stitched grooves. CE a..